Code of Conduct

In order to protect the mission, integrity and reputation of the Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship, we've set the following community guidelines for appropriate use and member behavior within the site. Abiding by this Code of Conduct throughout the program and online will ensure everyone understands the commitment to this opportunity, acts with the utmost respect, and is committed to making the Fellowship fulfilling, fun, and safe for all involved. AYLF reserves the right to ban any communtiy user who does not follow this Code of Conduct.

1. Be active. Our community is for engagement, collaboration and connection.  Participate in discussions and share your ideas! Be open to unique voices. Post discussion topics, local events, comment, reply, and blog your opinions. Stay engaged with the content of AYLF and ask questions. Refrain from advertising, soliciting or promoting products or services outside of AYLF.  

2. Be conscientious. Treat this community with care, and avoid foul language or offensive remarks toward fellow young people or Youth & Engagement Programs staff. We have a zero tolerance policy for online harassment or bullying including, but not limited to, hate speech, sexual harassment, spam or rude behavior. Take notice of and report any content that feels inappropriate, threatening, or uncomfortable.

3. Be respectful. Not everyone wishes to be photographed or videotaped. Please ask permission before you snap photos and before posting shots of others online. Don't give out personal information without parent or guardian consent.