Here’s what you should know about your upcoming AYLF experience

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Here’s what you should know about your upcoming AYLF experience

Posted by Claudia Saavedra on Apr 6, 2018 4:02 pm

First and foremost, congratulations on being one of the young leaders selected to AYLF! With getting accepted, here are a few things to prepare/look forward to:

1) Curiosity:  Although this is only a two-year fellowship, you will interact with individuals with various backgrounds and beliefs which is critical to one's overall leadership development. When you are preparing for the seminars, and are diving deep into the materials, make sure always to ask yourself why? The incessant questioning allows one to explore deeper into the readings while gaining new insight into the elements at hand. The new insight will help you with your overall development as well as the development of your cohort members. Curiosity allows you to continue with achieving a growth mindset. You were selected to be part of AYLF because they saw something in you. AYLF will provide you a platform to explore your potential, but you just have to be willing to take on that journey. 

2) Openness: To get the most out of the fellow experience make sure to be open with your fellow cohort members, whether that is sharing good or bad moments in your life. Being open allows you to connect with your peers on a much deeper level. Personally, I feel very uncomfortable with being open with people about my life experiences; however, I realized that not being comfortable is what makes you grow. By being open, whether through sharing a negative experience or a positive one, allowed me to become closer with other fellows.

3) Fully Prepare for the materials: Some tips I have to prepare for the materials is to do readings outside of the required reading materials. I realized that further reading into the topic provided to me before the seminar sessions allowed me to grasp the material at hand better. Make sure to re-read the materials more than once (at minimum twice). Another tip that I learned from the sessions that I did not do in the first session is when you read the material, write notes. To be honest, I read the materials in advance and felt like I prepared, but when I got to the seminar, I did not have the same fresh eyes/ questions as I did when I first read the materials. We are human, we are not going to remember every question that popped into mind when reading the materials, so writing notes allows you to retain your past thoughts so you can come up with new thoughts. When completing the readings, write a 2-4 sentence synopsis in your own words of what you read. Writing the synopsis on top of writing good detailed notes that analyzes the passages, will allow you to refresh your memory. This leaves me with my last advice on this topic, re-read the materials the night before the seminar. If you do not have time due to other obligations, that is when your notes, 2-4 sentence passage synopsis will come in handy. 

4) Challenged: Don't be afraid to be challenged. AYLF will challenge you.... in a good way. Each fellow and moderator brings in their perspectives that may differ from your own. Make sure to be open to the challenge and always to challenge yourself. Also, make sure to push other fellows to challenge themselves, or you challenge them in ways that would help each fellow grow. 

5) Be Present:   I leave this with my last tip because as young people, we have a lot of responsibilities to live up to. Make sure when you are in the AYLF session to be fully present in the overall experience. AYLF is only a two-year fellowship that you meet with everyone every so often. Being fully engaged and present will allow your fellowship experience to be much more valuable. 


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