Aspen Y&E Board Committee Meeting

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Aspen Y&E Board Committee Meeting

Posted by Brenda Velarde on Nov 16, 2017 9:04 pm


On November 9, 2017, Josh and I were given the amazing opportunity of participating at an AYLF Youth and Engagement Board Meeting at the Metropolitan Club in New York. We had been practicing with Rashon over the phone for a number of weeks in order to really prepare ourselves for this board meeting. The purpose of this meeting was for us to first get to meet the Y&E committee, and also share our experiences in the AYLF program. This meeting was special because we were given the chance to sit through the entire proceeding, as they went through the various items on the agenda. We both agreed that we were star struck since we were sitting in the midst of some of the most influential individuals in the country. Among the board members, we met included Mike Bezos, Chairman, Robert Steele who was a Deputy Mayor of NYC and the Under Secretary of the US Department of Domestic Finance, former DC Schools Superintendent Kaya Henderson.


It was incredible being “in the room where it happened” and seeing the thinking process that goes on behind the scenes. Neither of us knew all just how much goes into creating an event and so we were very surprised and glad we were able to learn. We know we will both be able to implement the skills we learned at the Y&E meeting when we begin to work on our social venture projects. Being able to be a part of the board meeting was spectacular but the best part was after the meeting was over. We were able to talk to the board members and they were all extremely friendly and excited to talk to us and thank us for speaking at the meeting. They asked many questions and made us feel very comfortable, they made us feel like we deserved that spot on the table, like we belonged there. That feeling is something we will always be grateful for, the humility of those board members and their eagerness to talk to us and give us advice was incredible. We are extremely thankful to the AYLF team for giving us this amazing experience. A special thank you to Rashon for assisting in preparing us for the meeting and for traveling with us to New York in cold.


Re: Aspen Y&E Board Committee Meeting

Posted by Rashon Hasan on Dec 11, 2017 4:24 pm

Brenda and Josh this expereince was amazing. I'm happy that the two of you were able to expereince this first hand.

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