During the fellowship, applicants can expect to:
  • Discuss contemporary issues within their communities and the nation at large.
  • Collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds than their own.
  • Affect sustainable, positive change to their community.
  • Develop their individual purpose and vision for helping the greater good of the community.
  • Leverage existing community relationships to promote progress through a collaborative venture.
  • Effectively communicate ideas through written, oral, and/or visual media.
  • Gain access to a strong brand and global network that justifies their long-term investment and commitment to the program. 

Success Metrics

The cohort will be successful if:
  • Fellows gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of community challenges.
  • Fellows feel empowered to affect positive, sustainable change and are provided the tools to start.
  • Fellows empathize with and respect the diverse circumstances and stories of their cohort members.
  • Fellows develop discrete leadership skills, able to be used in all aspects of their lives.
  • Young talent is retained in the community and those who have completed their fellowship return to lead and engage subsequent cohorts.
  • Fellows achieve skills for their professional futures, to acquire and keep jobs.
  • The community engages with Fellows, finds value in the program, and fosters continued youth agency in community development.